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Angle Load Horse Floats

2 horse angle load floats

2 Horse Angle Load Float (Click me for more)


Crisfloats 2 Horse Angle Load Float (Royal) is a streamlined design with plenty of space for your horses. It comes with Tack boxes, Storm door, filled in A-Frames at the front, large front window, braked axels plus much more. This particular 2 Horse Angle Load Float has a low centre of gravity which means easy towing and great fuel economy.


The storm door is equiped with Gas struts so that loading and unloading of your horses is done with ease - check out more specifications of the 2 Horse Angle Load float here...

Angle load Horse Floats

3 Horse Angle Load Float (Click me for more) 


Crisfloats 3 Horse Angle Load Float (Ascot) is a lot of horse float with all the extras. It comes equipped with a personal access door, filled in A-Frames, 4 windows plus more. Inside the horse float it measures 2.25m in height, 1.90m in width and 4.5m in length. A very popular horse float as standard however feel free to browse our extras to suit your life on the road.


It's made using our strong Poly design and sturdy aluminium and built to last in some of Australias harshest conditions. See more about Crisfloats 3 Horse Angle load on its pricing page

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