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About Crisfloats


Crisfloats Poly made horse floats are manufactured in Australia on the border town of Albury - Wodonga (NSW & Victoria) We have a wide range of horse floats for sale from 2 Horse Angle Load floats, 2 Horse Straight load floats, 3 Horse Angle load floats and our popular custom made Gooseneck horse trailers. We not only delivery in and around Albury Wodonga but can deliver our floats to Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, the Northern Territory and anywhere in between!


The Crisfloat guarantees long service life with the main horse float shell manufactured from a plastic material called polyethylene. This material is UV stabilized and has a proven track record of more than 20 years, without showing degradation in full sunlight. 


The Crisfloat comes standard as an extended float to cater for the upcoming demand for bigger horses as well as  catering for even the smallest of ponies, while at the same time providing for a more comfortable and humane  means of transport.


The chassis and all exposed steel parts are hot dipped galvanized, recognised as one of the few economical and viable rust protectors.


The Crisfloat floor is of galvanized steel, covered with fixed horse float matting. It is strong, easy on hooves and waste proof


The ramp is covered with an anit-slip tailgate rubber matting. The solid frame ensures a top class, water resistant,even loading ramp. No fibres are used in polyethylene, thus no irritation can occur in the horse's rump by having a glass splinter build-up found in fibreglass floats. Where necessary, all interior dividers and steel supports have been padded.


The Crisfloat design allows for a very comfortable tow. The perfect balance eliminates swaying and the aerodynamic shape allows for better fuel economy. The Crisfloat can come as a 2 horse Angle load, 3 horse Angle load, 2 horse straight load as well as our Gooseneck Horse Trailers. We deliver our horse floats to NSW, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania, Queensland and the Northern Territory.


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